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We know that there are times when a little extra financial liquidity could make all the difference to your business. That's what we are here for, to help your organisation to gain access to the funds it needs to achieve its true potential.
Invoice Finance
Cash flow is the lifeblood of most organisations, but when it becomes clogged up with unpaid, delayed or extended-term invoices, your business can become asset rich, yet cash poor all at the same time. Invoice finance, or ‘factoring’ as it is commonly known, is the solution to this problem.

Regency can help you to release up the capital currently trapped in your invoices by offering you up to 90% of their value within 24 hours for you to use to pay your suppliers, to invest in R&D, to work on growth strategies, or for any other purpose. Why wait 30, 60 or even 90 days for payment when with Regency you could free up your cash flow once more, leaving us to manage the headache of collecting from your debtors.
Asset Finance
If your business growth is being held back by a lack of funds to purchase a much-needed piece of equipment why not consider Asset Finance? Stop putting off until tomorrow what you could be achieving for your business today. Our simple asset finance facility offers businesses of all sizes the capital they need to fund their machinery and equipment purchases so they can afford to buy, install and run them without having to wait for that illusive ‘better month’ or two. Tap into the true potential of your business today by utilising our asset finance service – funds, advice and guidance.
Purchase Finance
Take advantage of prompt payment discounts from your suppliers. Purchase Finance from Regency in conjunction with our invoice finance facility is a cash flow tool that offers your business the flexibility of a finance facility that will pay for your supplies as and when needed, freeing up your working capital to focus on sales, marketing and business development. Purchase finance – the short-term funding solution for long-term supplier relationship and business growth success.
Trade Finance
The complex and costly world of international trade simplified. Though our trade finance support can also refer to national sales and purchases, it often refers to the document exchange and payment requirements of dealing with suppliers and customers from around the globe. Regency offers trade funding advice, support and finance to our clients, quite often in conjunction with our invoice finance facility.
About Factoring
How can factoring make a difference to my business?
You will have access to more funds more readily than ever before to use for any purpose for your business.
What is factoring?
Put simply, factoring is the purchase of your outstanding invoices for the immediate release of a percentage of their future value.
What kind of companies do you help?
Any company, from start-up to mutli-national can use factoring to raise the funds it needs.
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