Invoice Finance (also known as factoring)

Invoice Finance is simply a way of generating funds for the day to day operation of a business and relieving the burden of running a sales ledger.

Why Invoice Finance?

Regency Factors Plc will typically set an agreed percentage of about 80% of the gross invoice value - interest free. As a client, you will enjoy the benefit of our experienced client managers who in turn will have a dedicated Administration team and Credit Control department.

With Invoice Finance you can enjoy:-

A dedicated team that will run a comprehensive sales ledger which will be tailored to suit your needs. Also we will be sensitive to your customer needs and our credit control department will work alongside you to ensure this happens. We will also ensure that you are fully informed of everything that happens on your sales ledger by providing you with client mail. This incorporates up to date statements, along with any movements on your ledger. This can be done via post or email to suit your company’s needs.

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